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John Smith

1 min read
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Today we have exciting news to share, we're launching our new website design 🥳!! With the new design we want to take things further and emphasize the user journey, so everybody knows how much our users are important to us.


The first goal of the new design to make things simpler, simpler to understand. They say a picture worth a thousand words, so it's got to be simpler to understand things with a photo then a 1,000 words, right? With that in mind we recreate our main user journey right on the home screen, right at the start. This way we don't have to talk much, you can see the value we create with your own two eyes.

We got a great feedback about this user journey animation, so much so that we already start working on a new section of Solutions that will highlight some more of our users journeys: for sales, for HRs, for VC's, and more. We think this will make things simpler to understand and digest and users will be able to understand the journey they are going to go through to unlock the unbelievable value we create 📈.

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